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The Memo | Should We Invest in Republic?

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The Memo | Should We Invest in Republic?

A Revenue-Sharing Digital Security Empowering the Republic Community

Dear BVP Community,

Today, we're diving into an exciting investment opportunity: Republic Note. This digital security is raising on Republic, a platform offering equal access to invest in high-growth private investment opportunities.

At Bison Venture Partners we’re educating 10,000 new Angel Investors over the next decade in our mission to build generational wealth with our community. Why? Because investing in privately-held businesses has historically been a proven wealth-building strategy for elites, but the rules have changed, and it’s never been easier for everyday people to do the same.

If we’re going to close the racial & gender wealth gaps that exist today, we must leverage innovative opportunities to do so.

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Deal Summary

Republic Note is currently raising funds on Republic's platform. This unique digital currency acts as a profit-sharing instrument for investors within the Republic ecosystem. With a finite supply, Republic Note offers investors a share in the profits when certain Republic portfolio companies achieve success. When a company that Republic has invested in reaches an exit, a portion of the cash proceeds is allocated to Republic Notes. Distributions are made to note holders once the accrual reaches $2 million. The total supply of Republic Notes is 800 million, with an initial circulation of 330-350 million at launch. Republic was founded by Kendrick Nguyen, Paul Menchov, and Peter Green in 2016. The ongoing crowdfunding campaign has set a minimum target of $360,000 and a maximum target of $2.02 million. Funds raised through the campaign will be utilized for operational expenses.

About Republic Note

Republic Note is designed to empower the Republic community members by allowing them to share in the financial upside of its portfolio companies and be rewarded for their engagement within the Republic ecosystem. With over $755,349 raised so far, reaching 210% of its minimum goal, and 777 investors onboard, you might be wondering: "Should I invest in Republic?"

Let's explore the key aspects of this investment opportunity:

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