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Your website isn't bringing you customers.

Learn how to design your landing page and focus on a single call-to-action...

You’re designing your website all wrong.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s easy for us to throw everything we have to offer on our websites, but the truth is all of that information overwhelms our visitors and most likely results in them leaving without taking any action.

In this coaching call, I was helping an entrepreneur think through how to build a simplified landing page with all of their effort focused on getting visitors to leave their email address in order to learn more.

Landing pages are similar to book covers in that they’re designed to entice you in wanting to read or learn more. We shouldn’t expect anyone to visit our website one time and immediately convert into paying customers, so it’s important to collect their emails in order to follow up with them directly and share more about all that you have to offer.

This process can be automated through various free and low-cost tools.

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