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How to Unlock Your Storytelling Superpowers | Full Workshop

An immersive and interactive workshop designed to empower entrepreneurs

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  1. The Purpose of Storytelling:

    • ​Understand why storytelling matters in the business world.

    • ​Learn how stories help us relate to others, share our dreams and visions, and get others to be part of our story.

  2. Types of Stories:

    • ​Explore different types of stories you can tell: personal stories, customer stories, investor stories, and aspirational stories.

  3. Storytelling Frameworks:

    • ​Discover three time-tested storytelling frameworks: The Hero's Journey, Three-Act Structure, and Freytag's Pyramid.

    • ​Learn how to apply these frameworks to your business pitches, with examples tailored to beauty product entrepreneurs, mental health product entrepreneurs, and software business entrepreneurs.

  4. Painting the Picture: Past, Present, and Future:

    • ​Learn how to effectively paint the picture of the past, present, and future in your storytelling.

    • ​Understand how to convey how things were, how they exist today, and what the future could look like due to your entrepreneurial efforts.

  5. Setting Specific Goals for Your Stories:

    • ​Identify the specific goals for your stories.

    • ​Craft a compelling call to action for your audience.

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