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Have you considered crowdfunding?

Kickstarter can be a great tool to raise funds from a community you've built.

Crowdfunding is great because you can go to your community that you're building people who love you and then you can go to them and say, we need your help to create the space that we envision.

Kickstarter is a really popular one.

It’s really for businesses that haven't gotten off the ground just yet, but you're able to articulate your vision and you can say exactly, if we're able to raise $100k, we can secure this space to be the home for our community.

You get to really tell that full story, paint the picture, the vision.

It's very hard to launch a Kickstarter without having your own community first. That's why it's important to really build your community, build the relationships, the connections.

It's not an investment, but you can offer up perks to your supporters who give different amounts.

If somebody contributes $100 to the campaign, maybe they get a t-shirt. But then you can have tiers where $250 you get 1 month of free coworking.

You can get creative with that.

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